Client: Arista

Project: Marketing Coaching & Branding

Arista is a leading provider occupational health and well-being solutions across Belgium. Arista asked Brand Passion to coach and train its senior management and help it develop a clear and compelling brand approach for its new independent/stand-alone status. Brand Passion created a series of modules and workshops including planning and process tools then worked alongside the senior management to develop a seamless link from Vision to mission to Brand Story and Positioning as well as guiding marketing plan development.


Client: Brambles

(Supply chain solutions provider for reusable pallets, crates and containers under the Chep and IFCO brands)

Project: MBA Talent Recruitment Strategy & Communications

Brand Passion was asked to develop a new approach to attract top executive MBA talent – a group high in demand by major branded companies worldwide – in the competition for talent Brambles needed to stand out in a meaningful and compelling way. Brand Passion developed a brand based approach with a differentiated employer positioning supported by a solid communications architecture to bring the concept to life for the target audience. This included a range of communications materials including Videos, Brochures, Leaflets and Presentation materials.

Lynne Rutherford, Head Of Talent Management

The Brand Passion team really understood the target audience and partnered with us on materials that spoke the language of the business in a way that grabbed the interest of candidates that we would not normally have attracted, increasing our talent pool and the quality of candidates as a result.


Client: Deutsche Bank Belgium

Project: Media Agency Review

Brand Passion acted as consultants for the Deutsche Bank media agency review in 2011 drawing up the initial shortlist with the client and then refining to a 3 way pitch. The process was developed by Brand Passion in conjunction with Deutsche Bank Belgium and followed guidelines laid down by both the IPA and UBA, this involved everything from initial review meetings, strategic presentations and chemistry meetings as well as financial analysis and contract imperatives.

Stephan Salberter Head Of Communications:

Brand Passion was both diligent and highly professional throughout the whole process enabling us to make the right decision and appoint the media agency corresponding best to our branding, marketing and financial needs.

Alain Hendrickx, Managing Director MEC Belgium:

It was a pleasure to work with Brand Passion. They really have a deep understanding of what communication ( in a broad sense) means today in a fast changing world


Client: Galler

Project: Marketing Coaching & Training

Galler is a premium Belgian Chocolatier and probably the best tasting Belgian chocolate. Galler has seen significant growth in the last two years and to help fuel further growth asked Brand Passion to coach and train the marketing department. Brand Passion created a series of modules including planning and process tools then worked alongside the marketing department to guide development of marketing plans.


Client: Louis Dreyfus Commodities

Project: Brand Strategy & Brand Guidelines

Louis Dreyfus Commodities is a leading global merchandiser of commodities and a major asset owner and a processor of agricultural goods. Brand Passion was asked to help define the overall brand foundation and positioning which would then be the driver for a new brand strategy and architecture . This led to an updated visual identity including logo and brand guidelines produced by one of our partner agencies Brandhome.

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